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Jerusalem Walls and Gates
Suleiman the Magnificent (1520-1566) built the present rampart.

A Jerusalem legend provides us with the following story: Before Jerusalem was encompassed by a wall, the Ottoman sultan Suleiman the Magnificent had a dream in which he saw powerful lions about to tear him about as punishment for not properly protecting the holy city.

The sultan understood that this was a sign from heaven, where upon he ordered the building of the wall that encircles the old city to the present day. He also decreed that images of the lions he had seen in his dream were to be placed in the facade of the eastern gate (Lion Gate).


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Terms and conditions

Who may enter the "Jerusalem 2111" Contest?

1. Anyone, artist or otherwise, who registers at our website http://www.jerusalem2111.com/ (for using the materials – or the "raw material" – on our website, each contestant shall receive Username and Password); and

2. Submits a video clip depicting the city of Jerusalem in 100 years from now – i.e., in the year 2109; and

3. Agreeing to and to be bound by any and all terms of conditions (as they may change from time to time) of the Contest listed herein.


4. Each contestant must ensure and undertake that the submitted video clip does not contain any illegal material including (but not limited to) defamatory material and/or material infringing any individual's basic right to privacy and/or material that is offensive in any way to any individual and/or the general public or could be interpreted as such and/or anything that could offend public sensibility and/or anything that could infringe any rights of a third party including intellectual property rights.

5. The contestant must agree to allow the Contest's organizers to make commercial use of and distribute the submitted video clip, and waive any rights he might have for using the submitted video clip non-commercially.

6. Although the contestant is allowed to use the "raw material" – video clips, photos etc. – he does not have to do so. Put differently, one does not have to utilize the "raw material" in any way to take part in the Contest. If, however, the contestant chooses to use the "raw material", he shall be granted a one-off license to do so without infringing any intellectual property rights as a result.

7. The contestant must be the sole owner of all rights connected with creating, producing and/or broadcasting the submitted video clip, and he must undertake that no third party has any such rights in respect with the submitted video clip.

8. From the time a video clip is submitted until the names of the Contest's winners are officially made public, the contestant must not transfer the submitted video clip to any third party and/or allow him to use it in any way, unless the contestant received a prior consent in writing from the Contest's organizers.

9. The Contest's organizers are allowed to disqualify any contestant for not complying with any rules, terms, conditions or requirement set out in this document

10. The Contestant hereby declares that the Raw Material on the Jerusalem 2111 website shall be used for the sole purpose of creating the Video Clip. Any claim, including, without limitation, the filing of a suit or other legal action, arising as a result of using such materials for any other purpose, shall be the sole responsibility of the Contestant, and the Contestant shall indemnify the Contest's Organisers for any damage incurred by them as a result of such claim.

11. It is made clear that the Contestant is solely responsible to protect its Video Clip. The Contest's Organisers shall not be deemed responsible for any claim regarding illegal use and/or copying and/or any other copyright infringement claim raised by any of the Contestants.


12. The same Username and Password each contestant will receive for using the "raw material", will also allow him to upload his video clip onto the website.

13. The submitted video clips must be posted on the Contest's website according to the instruction listed there.

14. The video clip must be submitted in DVD format together with a signed statement of the contestant at the following address: __________________

15. A submitted video clip must comply with the following requirements:

• It must be between 60 and 180 seconds long

• The is no limitation on the video clip's method of production so long as it meets all other criteria and complies with al the terms listed herein

• It must be in DVD format.

16. Prior to posting the video clip onto the website, the contestant must fill in the following documents:

• Signed statement that could be downloaded from the Contest's website.

• Registration form with personal details about the contestant and information about the video clip to be submitted.

• Not providing such information would make one ineligible to take part in the Contest.


17. A committee of judges will choose, at its sole discretion, the best video clips from the video-clips of all the eligible contestants, taking into account professional artistic considerations as well as those that are subjective and immeasurable

18. Selection Process:

The final selection of Contestants shall be made via a prior selection committee and public voting. Following the finalization of the Contestants' list in accordance with the above, the contest judges shall declare the winner. It is made clear that the Contest's Organizers reserve the right to determine the final number of Contestants selected by both the prior selection committee and public voting.

19. The judges shall also have regard to the following matters:

• The Urban Vision of the city of Jerusalem, its unique characteristics, its heritage and future in the context of solving problems in such areas as transport, population density and building upward, conservation vs. innovation, environment protection vs. industrialization.

• Creativity and artistic merits of the suggested urban solutions and the submitted video clip itself as a work of art

• Skill and expertise in making the video clip; usage of innovative media; sound track and other components of the video clip.

• General impression

20. The judges' decision shall not be subject to debate or appeal: it shall be final.

Prize: 10,000$